Three Days of Trying

With some good birds around at the Water Park I have made three more visits recently.The first was on Sunday when my wife myself, the wife and the dog walked from Waterhay to the Reed hide alongside 68A/B and returned via the Thames Path. In all forty species were seen and heard, unfortunately this total didn’t include the Marsh harrier and an Osprey reported over Swindon also failed to put in an appearance. My next trip out was to Twitchers on Monday where a short visit found Common and Gren Sandpipers but no Whimbrel. I had also checked the field next to 83 with no joy. Today I headed out there again. Nothing around 83 but Twitchers came up trumps with five Whimbrel on the edge f the scrape. Looks like I have missed out on the Marsh harrier though as it hasn’t been reported since the weekend. A look in at Eysey on the way home got two Common Sandpipers and a Ringed Plover. Earlier this morning I had a short walk at Liddington Hill It was very cold and relatively birdless with the highlight being two Grey Partridges. Daily visits to the flood water at Chiseldon have had Gadwall, Mallard, Canada Geese and Moorhen but no sign of Yellow Wagtail or any waders yet. On Friday I am off to my sid=sters in Northern France for a few days so I am hoping for some good birds. Of course one or two megas are bound to turn up locally while I am away as has happened on previous trips there.

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