The Day of the Warbler

There always seems to be one day in the spring when most of the  migrant warblers put in an appearance and today was that day. With the forecast good I was up early and off to the scrubby area adjacent to lakes 43 and 65 at the Water Park. I had a quick look at Eysey on the way and managed four Little Renged Plover and a couple of Pied Wagtails. Arriving at the scrub I immediately heard Cuckoo, Whitethroat and Nightingale. The first two were easily found but the Nightingale took a little bit of time to find and I only managed a brief view. Another Nightingale was singing as were Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and Cetti’s, all of which were seen. A Sedge Warbler was heard but not found and finally Garden Warbler and Lesser Whitethroat went onto the list. With five year ticks in the book I headed off to Twitchers. Just a quick look here and a Common Sandpiper was a Wiltshire tick. Next was Waterhay where I was planning on a good look over 68C. Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker were seen on the walk along the Thames Path, Cetti’s was heard and a pair of Bullfinches seen. On 68C were at least five Reed buntings and a couple of singing Sedge Warblers. They weren’t giving themselves up easily and was a good fifteen minutes before I managed to see one. Final sighting here was a soaring Sparrowhawk. That was meant to be it for birds for today as I had a fair bit to do at home. However everything including dinner was fininshed before seven so I decided to head off to Knighton again. The usual trio of Chiffchaff Willow and Cetti’s Warbler were all performing and a Mandarin was found perched high in a tree. At just before half past seven a Gropper started to reel and I was lucky enough to see it fly. Warbler number nine for the day. Finally another was nother was heard and seen on the walk back to the car.

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