More Fire Than Gold

With a lot more to be done at home today the only birding planned was an early morning visit to Savernake to look for Firecrest. One was seen on the WOS trip last week but as I left early I missed it. Pete had seen it yesterday in the same area so I was fairly hopeful that I would see it. After parking in my usual spot and walking through the Arboretum I arrived at Thornhill. I soon found the group of Fir trees and set myself up for a neck aching session of tree scanning. However within a couple of minutes Firecrest was heard and then seen. The first sighting was into the sun so I moved around to get the light behind me. From here I got a fabulous view as first one then two birds performed for me. Then from behind me another call and another bird. Way more than I had hoped for. I also saw just two Goldcrests, the first time I have had more Firecrests than Goldcrests. I then headed off to Braydon Hook hoping to get a better view of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Great Spot, Nuthatch, Treecreeper and Jay were all seen but no sight or sound of Lesser. By now my time was up so it was off home. Around lunchtime I received a Grapevine text reporting a Little Gull on Lake 83 at the Water Park. So my lunchbreak from the garden was taken up by a quick dash to Waterhay where looking from the road I fortunately found the Gull straight away. After watching it for a few minutes I headed off home via a quick stop at Twitchers. A brief scan of the scrape area didn’t find me anything and my first of the year Sedge Warbler remained heard but not seen. Then it was off home and back into the garden with another good year tick in the book.


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