Just a One Tick Day

After yesterday”s great day today was back to the normal a bit of birding amongst the chores type stuff. This morning a look in at the floodwater and at the north slope of Liddington drew blanks. This afternoon we headed out to Dobbies garden centre at Cirencester via Wroughton. Sparrowhawk and Red Kite at Wroughton and a Green Woodpecker calling at Dobbies. The plan was to stop at Eysey on the way home to walk the dog and to look for LRP’s. The weather put paid to that plan with a fairly impressive hailstorm followed by heavy rain although I did manage to find a couple of House Martins amongst the Sands (that was the tick). So after unloading the plants at home and doing a couple of other little jobs we decided to try again with the dog. I suggested that we went to Knighton were there is a nice walk along to Littlecote House. For some reason I missed the turning and we ended up in Chilton Foliat. A worthwhile error as it happened as on the way back to Knighton a Barn Owl flew across the road ahead of us. On the walk we had Cetti’s, Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, Nuthatch, Grey Partridge and another or possibly the same Barn Owl. Also seen were a couple of Hares.IMG_2768 (1024x682) We were on the edge of another heavy rainstorm on the way home and had the strange combination of torrential rain whilst driving towards the setting sun which was low and dazzling. This gave a fairly impressive rainbow.IMG_2776 (1024x666) Early doors birding in Savernake then garden and house stuff is the plan for tomorrow.


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