Flocks on the Downs

This morning I took the dog for a walk from Folly Farm up to the Ridgeway. On getting out of the car I could hear Fieldfare and I soon picked them out feeding in the fields alongside the sheep. They were fairly mobile but I reckon that there were at least three hundred, maybe more. A flock of Starlings numbered at least two hundred. The flock theme continued with fifty plus Jackdaws and three flocks each containing a similar amount of Wood Pigeons. Further on a Corn Bunting flock of around thirty was moving around and a dozen or so Linnets also. In contrast I only saw a couple of Yellowhammers and a single Chaffinch. Two Kestrels and a Buzzard were the only raptors seen. On the mammal front it was a couple of Rabbits and one each of Roe Deer and Hare. This afternoon i had a quick drive around the Barbury loop. It was generally quiet on the bird front but Finch Corner turned up three Bramblings and two Tree Sparrows.


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