Beaten By the Fog

I woke at half-six and a look out the window showed a misty but okay looking morning. I got up and sorted to go out. As I hope to go to the Water Park for a while tomorrow I decided to head back to Savernake. Heading down past Ogbourne the mist turned to fog and by the time I got to Marlborough it was really thick. As it looked a lost cause here I turned around and headed back towards home. Nearer home it started to clear so I headed for folly Farm. As the road went uphill so the fog returned. I had views of a flock of thrushes and Starlings along with a few Linnets, Corn buntings and Yellowhammer but again the conditions weren’t conducive to birding.

Next I tried Finch Corner at Barbury. A bit better here so I stayed for half-an-hour or so. Mainly Chaffinches seen along with a few Yellowhammers and a single Tree Sparrow. Later on at home I did a bit of gardening accompanied for most of the time by the sound of Skylarks, very nice. We then took the dog for a walk along the old canal at Bincknoll. In contrast to this morning it was a lovely sunny afternoon, lovely for a walk but as it happened not great for birds. Only around ten species seen with singles of Kestrel and Fieldfare the best.

Incidentally, on the thirteenth last year I saw the first Wheatear of the year.


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