Saturday Morning Savernake

Having been at work again this week there hasn’t been much birding going on. Plenty of Buzzards and Red Kites seen through the windscreen and the usual Little Grebes and Brent geese in Langstone Harbour. On the downside there was a dead Barn owl on the hard shoulder of the M4 adjacent to Witchelstowe. Always sad to see. So this morning it was the regular trip to the market in Marlborough followed by a couple of hours birding in Savernake. As usual I started with a walk through the Arboretum and then to Thornhill. Not much going on to start with, just a couple of Song Thrushes battling to see who had the loudest song. It picked up at Thornhill with at least five Treecreepers and six Nuthatch seen. Green Woodpeckers were pretty vocal with two or three heard but none were seen. I eventually tracked down a Great Spotted but not a sign of Lesser Spot. Back on the main track and I was pleased to find a Lesser Redpoll high up in the trees. Another birder came along and happily informed me that he he=ad seen a Lesser Spot in the Braydon Hook area. I hadn’t intended going round that way today but changed my mind on the off-chance that it may still be around. No such luck but a Marsh Tit and a pair of Bullfinches were some consolation. Then it was back to the car and off home. Later on in the day there were a couple of sightings of Goshawk in the area. Along with my probable sighting last month it seems that a couple of hours scanning from a good vantage point could be worthwhile.IMG_2525 (1024x668)


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