Wiltshire 100

WIth a good run back from Gloucester I had a few minutes to spare so stopped off at Eysey for yet another try for the Oystercatchers and my earliest Wiltshire 100. Again no joy but still plenty to see. At least a hundred and twenty Lapwing and a Green Sandpiper on 305e and quite a few ducks and swans on 305d. A scan of the far shore found two Eygptian Geese right in the far corner. Slightly dodgy species for number One Huundred but take anything that you can get is what I say. Then it was off to the hospital and fortunately I was only there for twenty minutes or so so I even got free parking. I headed home via Barbury Castle which was very quiet. First birds seen were two smart male Stonechats. Unusually no raptors seen and finch corner turned up just five Blackbirds, a couple of Pheasants, a few Chaffinches, one Yellowhammer, some Blue and Great Tits came straight out for the seed I put on the gatepost.


2 responses to “Wiltshire 100

  1. Congratulations on the century Malcolm. There seem to be plenty of Stonechats around this year which is fabulous news. One of my favourite birds.

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