The Search For a Vertical Stripe

Another spur of the moment decision today. I was on my way to the Water park again when I decided to carry onto Gloucester and to go to Ashleworth Ham to try for the Green-winged Teal that has been there for a few days. Having not been there for a while i was pleased that I remembered the way okay and arrived at the hide within an hour. I was disappointed to find the hide empty, that meant that I would be GWT hunting on my own. There were a lot of Teal to check through and I started on the ones in front of the hide. No joy and after a sarnie break I started on the more distant and hidden ones. After not far short of an hour I still hadn’t found it. Another couple of birders arrived and mentioned that a pager report earlier mentioned that it had flown off mid-morning. Oh joy! As there were now others looking I spent a few minutes checking through the other birds on show. Plenty of Lapwing,  Wigeon, Pintail and Shoveler along with Mallard, Gadwall, Greylag and a single Eygptian Goose. A Little Egret flew in and the sound of an approaching Chinook raised hopes that the Teal would go up and reveal some of those hidden away. They are obviously used to the disturbance as very few birds flew as the Chinook passed by. It was now a quarter to three and as I had to be a the hospital between four and half-past it was time to move on. I had planned a brief stop to have another look at the Penduline Tits but for some inexplicable reason I managed to take the Cheltenham road instead of the Cirencester one (and I am supposedly a professional driver!). So it was one junction on the M5 and off up Birdlip heading back to Swindon. A shame to have just seen horizontally striped Teal but a nice trip out anyway. Another great place to visit.


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