Windy on the Hill

My third chemo session yesterday turned into a bit of a marathon and I didn’t leave the hospital until gone five. This put paid to the cake eating birding from the car session at Barbury that I have managed after the two previous sessions. I was therefore determined to get out for at least a short time today. In the end I managed an hours walk from Folly Farm with the dog. Surprisingly I think that this was my first visit there this year. With a cold wind blowing the conditions weren’t ideal but it was just good to be out. The first thing I noticed was that the hedgerow on the right of the path has been laid giving a dramatically different look to the landscape along the path. Nice to see the old skills still being used.It will be interesting to how it grows throughout the year. As expected it was quiet on the bird front with just thirteen species noted. A male and female Kestrel were hunting and two each of Buzzard and Raven along with a single Red Kite put in an appearance. Smaller birds seen werea Dunnock, small flocks of Yellowhammer and Chaffinch and a flock of around thirty Corn Buntings. Several Blackbirds flew around all calling quite loudly. The total was made up with Jackdaw, Crow, Magpie and Wood Pigeon.

With reference to the Hooded Merganser at Corsham a small point of interest is that The Birdguides weekly round-up is suggesting that in their opinion it may well be accepted as a genuine wild bird.


6 responses to “Windy on the Hill

  1. I saw the email earlier and wasn’t expecting that direction from them…interesting.

    • Birdguides opinion doesn’t count anyway, it all depends on what Mr Evans decides!

      I see you had a good session on Fyfield Down the other day. I almost went the same day but decided on the water park instead as I was on that side of town. Did you come in from the Avebury side and wherabouts did you see the Harrier and SEO?

  2. Hi Malcolm, yeah Mr Evans indeed 🙂 Yes, it was a lovely afternoon walk at Fyfield, i cant get enough of walking on the downs. We usually park at the larger car park just down the lane from Manton House (good for hunting Barn Owl in summer). The harrier was seen a few minutes before the Merlin (got some distant record shots of the Merlin on a post) unfortunately my camera was still in the bag for the harrier and it didn’t stay in view for long. It was seen off by two buzzards at the north end of Clatford Bottom. The SEO was hunting for a long period between Totterdown Wood & The Ridgeway. I might pop over again today and come in from Hackpen and explore the eastern side (Herepath/Clatford Down) usually less walkers. Just willing on a Shrike now! he he.

    • I sometimes park at Manton or walk in from Hackpen although that is quite a way. When allowed I drive along the Ridgeway to the new dew pond and then walk. I have seen a Harrier there once but not SEO. Barn Owl quite often and a couple of times Woodcock. Went for a Shrike once but it had gone. Also had Ring Ouzel on spring passage. It is certainly an underwatched area.

  3. An alternative way in, although again a bit further than from the South is Rockley. Just about space at the Western end of the village and then straight up under the avenue of trees. Fabulous place Fyfield Down.

    • Yes that is another good way in. An underwatched area I think due to the fact that a bit of effort is needed to get there but always worthwhile.

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