A New Toy

Another day at work and I was given a nice new truck to play with on todays trip to Portsmouth and Southampton. Just two post sitting Buzzards in the field by the M4 today. Several Red Kites seen along the A34 and at Langstone Harbour there was a single Little Grebe along the seawall and a lot of Brent Geese flying around . A good couple of hundred were seen. Southampton was mostly the same with just a couple of Pied Wagtails for variety. One flock of Feral Pigeons consisted of a good seventy or so birds. Only thing of interest on the way home was a low flying Great Spotted Woodpecker. Tomorrow will be a morning walk in Savernake and maybe a run out to the Water Park in the afternoon.20160226_161258 (1024x576)


2 responses to “A New Toy

  1. You drive that lorry, Malcolm? Wow! Quite a beast…Hope you have power controlled steering!! Love reading your blog entries. Please relocate the GND again…Where do you think it might have gone??

    • Power steering, automatic and all sorts of other goodies. GND is most likely back out at sea somewhere, GGS is the latest goodie at CWP

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