Birding on the Move Again

Working again today so just birds seen from the roads. Just past junction 15 there were six Buzzards standing around on rough grass adjacent to the motorway and a little further on three Skylarks in display flight.Langstone Harbour just had a Little Grebe and a few Teal. It is really frustrating that there is nowhere to stop along here. My final stop was Southampton Docks where a few gulls and pigeons were the only birds seen. The Oriana was getting ready to sail, it would have been so nice to be there waiting to embark rather than collecting a load of Canary island tomatoes.20160225_145337_resized (1024x576)


2 responses to “Birding on the Move Again

  1. Great that you’re back at work Malc even though it does interfere with the birding at times! We saw a massive cruise liner in the docks last Saturday taking our eldest daughter to the station after our week-end away. I guess that was The Oriana then.

    • Probably not the Oriana as they are in and out pretty quickly. It wasn’t there on Wednesday and had gone this afternoon.

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