Another Walk In Savernake

This morning Pete and I headed off for a walk in Savenake. We started at the Arboretum walked through to Thornhill and then looped back to the car via Braydon Hook. As on the other morning it was calm with the cloud breaking up and we were hoping for a good lot of birds. Unfortunately it was the same again and very quiet.There was very little going on in the Arboretum but a bit more at Thornhill. A Green Woodpecker flew across a clearing and a Pheasant was wandering about. There were plenty of Blue and Great Tits and a couple of Dunnock were chasing about. A check of the sky picked up a distant raptor. It was almost into the sun but after watching it soaring for a minute or so before it disappeared into the distance we both agreed that it was most likely to have been a Goshawk. A Buzzard was seen low over the trees. We approached the pond with some level of stealth and were rewarded with a fine male Mandarin along with a couple of Mallard. There was a fair bit of frog activity with a large amount of frogspawn seen.

There were also half-a-dozen dead frogs and toads floating in the water. also seen here were sonf=g and Mistle Thrushes. Crossing back over the main track we headed towards Braydon Hook and managed to find a pair of what we are sure were Marsh Tits. Despite watching them for a good few minutes they didn’t make any sound at all. It was then very quiet again until almost back at the car on the Grand Avenue a sudden burst of activity got us two more silent probable Marsh Tits, two Nuthatch, a Treecreeper and at least three Goldcrests. On the drive home we saw three more Buzzards, a Red Kite and a single Red-legged Partridge. Last call was near to home where we found the local Little Owls both sat out enjoying the sunshine.


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