Fifteen Feet From a Firecrest

Another trip to London today, this time to take my daughter back to uni at Roehampton. We were stopping in at my Mums for dinner so I knew birding time would be short but I did have a couple of things in mind. The first was Dartford Warblers in Richmond Park. A kind tweet from the London Bird Club @LondonBirdClub gave me a location but in the end the large amount of people about in the area on a mild Sunday afternoon put paid to this plan. Had a good view of a large (100+) herd of Fallow Deer at one point on our drive through the Park. I do fancy a whole day of birding here sometime. Seccond thought were the Firecrests that have been on Barnes Common a while now. In the end it was gone four by the time I arrived in the area adjacent to Barnes Station. Twitter (what a great birding tool) was saying in the Hollies by the Station Loop. The trouble was, a lot of Holly, no other birders, not a good time of day and a bored wife in the car! I gave it a bit of a go managing to see a few Blue and Great Tits and inevitably a few Parakeets. There also didn’t appear to be any small flocks moving around either so I gave it up as as one for another day. So maybe I had got that close to a Firecrest today, or maybe I didn’t. I shall never know. Earlier on at my Mums I indulged in a little A380 spotting and managed an okay picture of a Magpie on the lawn so not exactly a successful day for birds.


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