Going on a Goose Hunt

Which was successful as in I found geese but not the ones that I had hoped for. Having woken early this morning and seeing that it was a lovely morning I decided to head for Inglesham to see if I could catch the White-fronted Geese on the Wiltshire side of the meadows. On arrival the meadows were shrouded in mist and with the frost on the ground looked really lovely. I parked by the church at Inglesham and followed the Thames Path across the meadow. On reaching the river there were a number of geese on the water. Unfortunately they were all Greylags. Also on the river were Mute Swams, Mallards, Moorhen and a couple of Cormorants. I could hear other geese in the distance and eventually some appeared from over the trees. This time all Canada Geese. Most flew over but a few landed on the river including two neck-tagged birds.Other birds seen included Kestrel, Song and Mistle Thrush.A shame that I didn’t see the target birds but a worthwhile trip out anyway if for nothing more than the lovely morning.

2 responses to “Going on a Goose Hunt

  1. There were some White fronted geese at Slimbridge today! Felicity.

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