Finch Corner again

Paid another visit to Finch Corner this afternoon. Red Kite and Buzzard seen while driving down the track. At the gate were most of the usual species other than Tree Sparrow. Most numerous was Chaffinch and then Blue Tit. A handful of Yellowhammers and three Brambling with just one coming briefly to the seed I put out. A ringed Robin was about but I hadn’t noticed until I looked at my photos so I didn’t get the number. Looks like it ends in 25 though.Great Tit, Dunnock, four Magpies, a few Crows and Rooks and a couple of Pheasants made up the thirteen species seen.


2 responses to “Finch Corner again

  1. Malcom you could check with matt prior about the rings as he was baiting the area up ready for a ringing session but do not know if he has done so yet


    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for that. I expect it is one of Matt’s ones. I will have to be more observant next time or get a better photo so that I can read the number on it.

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