Golden Plovers in Wiltshire

I have noticed a lack of sightings of Golden Plover in Wiltshire this winter. Certainly haven’t seen any at the usual places around here. I saw that some were reported at Gore Cross yesterday. If anyone knows of any a little closer I would appreciate knowing the location. Thanks.

6 responses to “Golden Plovers in Wiltshire

  1. Hi Malcolm, some good trips for you of late. Regarding the Golden Plover, a walk along the Ridgeway from Overton Hill car park to Overton Down/Fyfield Down usually produces (seen a flock here late Nov 2015). However, this winter has been a strange one so far with numbers low for a lot of typical species.

    • Been making an extra effort on my good week. May see about getting back to work on a few days as well so need to make the most of my time.
      Fyfield Down always seems to turn up something of interest. I usually approach from Hackpen or from the track from the A4.

      • I certainly understand, best of luck if you do decide to get some work days in. A Great Grey Shrike would be a nice bird for the year list at Fyfield…i can only dream. 🙂

      • I missed one there once by a couple of hours. A good place for them though.

  2. Not as near but also around the pig farm on Roundway Hill recently (28th Jan, with 200+)… being only the second flock seen this winter period.

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