London Day Trip

A trip to London today to collect my daughter from uni gave me the chance of a couple of hours birding at the London Wetland Centre. My Wife dropped me off at a little gone ten and I headed straight for the Wildside Hide for a bit of Bittern hunting. On the way I saw a small flock of Siskins quietly feeding in some Alders. No Redpolls to be found amongst them though. Reaching the hide I went straight upstairs and was told that a Bittern was showing on the far shore. After a quick look with the bins I set up the scope and had great views for about ten minutes as it moved slowly along the edge of the reeds. Then to make it even better it took flight and flew right across the front of the hide to land in the reeds nearby. I reckon that I will have to pay for this current run of luck. From here I wandered off for a quick check of the other hides but found nothing of great interest.

It was then time to be picked up by wife and daughter. We went for a stroll around the shops and Pond in Barnes Village before having an excellent Sunday Dinner at the Greyhound on Kew Green. They are parsnips in case you are wondering and bread and butter pudding with salted caramel ice cream.


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