Getting Out In The Rain

By mid-afternoon I was in need of some fresh-air so decided to go for a walk at a wet and windy Coate Water. Kitted up in full waterproofs and wellies I parked at the Broome Manor Lane end and walked through the woods along to hides one and two. Other than two crazy joggers I didn’t see another soul the whole time I was there. Unsurprisingly most of the birds seen were on the water with a good sized gull roost building up. There were at least five hundred Black-headed there by the time I left including a few with their full hoods. Also a few Common and Herring scattered amongst them. On the wildfowl front were half-a-dozen Goosander, Pochard, Shoveler, Teal, Tufties and Great Crested Grebes.  Also Herons and Cormorants.  Land bird sightings were obviously few and far betweeen other than corvids and pigeons. Also seen was a single Jay. On the feeders by hide 2 were a few Great and Blue Tits, a couple of Blackbirds were out on the grass and a lone Song Thrush was bravely singing in the rain. In all I managed a total of twenty-five species which was pretty good considering the conditions.


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