Better Late than Never

Having had to travel to Berkshire to see Smew a couple of weeks ago it was good to see on the Water Park Sightings site that a couple of males had at last turned up in Wiltshire. Initially I intended to go at first light but when the alarm went of before seven couldn’t be bothered to get up. So i left home at half-nine and drove straight to Lake 30. After taking a couple of minutes to get wellies etc on I wandered over to the edge of the lake. Even without binoculars I saw the two birds straight away on the far side of the lake. By the time I had the scope ready they had gone from view. Initially diving and then tucking themselves away deep under some overhanging vegetation. They soon came out again giving good views. I then headed over to Waterhay for another look at the Great Northern Diver. Reaching the lake the Diver was nowhere to be seen. In fact there wasn’t a single bird on the water. It then briefly surfaced before going under again. In the ten minutes or so that I was there it hardly spent any time on the surface so maybe it has all but exhausted the supply of Crayfish. Also seen around the margins were Skylark, Mipit, Reed Bunting and Snipe. Near to the car park were a small flock of five Bullfinches.


2 responses to “Better Late than Never

  1. I found the same the first time of looking at Lake 82. The wind caused choppy waves and presumably the GND spent a lot of time feeding beneath the water. The second visit was much easier. The outline of the bird was clearly shown from a distance, and I spent some time following it round the lake. It seemed to dive down at one spot then emerge quite a distance from its entry point. Very satisfying!!
    Best of luck with your treatment.

    • Typical Diver behaviour, spending a long time underwater. Hope there are still enough Crayfish for it to hang around a while. Would be nice to see it changing plumage.

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