Norfolk Day Three

After another good cooked breakfast and with the forecast looking decidedly iffy, more strong winds and rain, a day at Titchwell seemed to be the best choice. A bit of seawatching to start and then plenty of hides to spend time in when the rain arrived. A look at the wet fields at Holkham on the way found loads of Teal, Wigeon and geese. arriving at Titchwell I headed straight for the beach as it was not long gone high tide. As I arrived Pete and co were just preparing to leave having arrived a lot earlier. I spent just over two hours here as there was a fair amount going on. Sanderling, Grey Plever and Barwits on the beach and Scoter, Cormorants and Merganser on the sea. I found a Slavonian Grebe quite close in and good views were had as it drifted past on the tide.

Later another small grebe was found.This time quite distant. General agreement was that it was a Black-necked. Despite careful checking of the Scoter flocks no-one managed to find a Velvet although one was picked up later in the day. With the rain approaching it was time to head for the hides where a good bit of time was spent looking for a Spotted Redshank amongst the regular type. No success with this search unfortunately. After the rain passed it was back outside where time was spent looking for Water Pipit. This time we (Pete and Co had returned) managed to find our quarry and had reasonable but distant views. Time was now getting on so I wandered of to the Fen viewpoint where I missed a Barn Owl by about thirty seconds. Consolation came in the form of a couple of Snipe and the great sight of many Marsh Harriers coming to roost. At one time there were at least nine in the air together. On the drive back to Wells light rain put paid to any chance of a Barn Owl sighting. After another fine meal at the Bowling Green it was off to bed where again I slept well. The benefits of good Norfolk air and lots of exercise.


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