Savernake and Coate

Today started with a bit of early morning shopping in Marlborough and then an hour in Savernake. A lot warmer and a lot more birds than on my last visit. This time I walked through the arboretum and across to Thornhill, round the pond and back. As I got out of the car a Great Spotted Woodpecker was drumming and a Green Woodpecker yaffling. Having not yet caught up with Green in Wiltshire this year I spent a few minutes looking for it. Despite being able to track its movements from regular calls I wasn’t able to see it. Nuthatches were also vocal with at least six being seen. There were numerous Blackbirds around, not quite four and twenty but not far short. Coal and Marsh Tit were quickly found and at Thornhill I heard a Willow Tit. This time I was in luck and soon found two just along from the pond. Both Coal Tit and Nuthatch were seen collected moss, presumably they are already nestmaking. Goldcrest, Jay and Buzzard also went in the book along with the expected common species. Nineteen species seen in all. Later on in the morning I took the dog for a walk at Coate. The rowing club were out on the main lake so that was very quiet. Seven each of Goosander and Pochard and one hundred plus of Teal and Lapwing were counted and in the wet fields a single Snipe was flushed along with a Jack Snipe. Two more Great Spots and a few Redwing were the best non water related sightings. My second this week. Thirty-one species seen or heard here.


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