A Day of Reflections at Kew Gardens

Yesterday I was in London with my Mum and most of the day was spent at Kew Gardens. After the recent sunshine it was a little disappointing that the morning was overcast. However it improved after lunch with the skies clearing and the sun putting in an appearance. As always at Kew we had a great day. Birdwise it was all common stuff and as always in West London dominated by the shrieking of the Parakeets. At one point there is a fine view of the Thames where Gadwall, Teal, Cormorant and Heron were seen. In the gardens themselves the best birds were Nuthatch, Great Spotted Woodpeckers and at least eight Jays. The usual waterfowl on the lake provided entertainment as they tried to deal with the ice. The Canada Geese seemed to be having the most problems. As usual we went up on the treetop walkway, always a great experience. This time made more interesting by the views of the restoration of the Temperate House. Of interest if you are planning a visit soon as that the admission fee has been reduced to eight pounds  (online, nine on the gate) until the fifth of February. A real bargain. That’s all the words for now, just a load of pictures to show the day.


Wash an brush up;

The River;



The rest;

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