Almost Stayed in Wiltshire

Had a run out to the Water Park this afternoon. Starting at Twitchers where amongst the many hundreds of Wigeon I picked out twenty-one Pintail, five Goldeneye, some Teal and a couple of Shoveler. I had the dog with me so took him for a walk around Kent End. Fairly quiet here with a few Tufties and Coot along with a single Little Grebe on the water and lots of Blackbirds, a couple of Pied Wagtails and a Skylark on the margins. A couple of other birders who I saw at Twitchers were here earlier on and had found a Jack Snipe but it wasn’t  around when I was here. Plenty of good wet pools for it though. A quick jump over the border into Gloucester shire gave me fourteen Red-crested Pochard.  Back into WIltshire and I finished up with an hour at Blakehill trying for Short-eared Owl. All I got here other than a few Fieldfare and Starling was extremely cold. Can’t complain though as it was the first time this winter that has happened.

2 responses to “Almost Stayed in Wiltshire

  1. Good to chat at twitchers yesterday. Hopefully some Jack Snipe will be back soon, as it’s a good patch on the far side.

    • Hi Shane,

      Was good to meet you. I see that you had a Water Rail as well. Certainly an area to keep an eye on.

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