The Lure of the Penduline

When I woke up this morning at just gone half-eight (another plus point of my current situation) I had a look at Twitter and saw that the Penduline Tits were still at Horsebere Brook Flood Storage Lake in Gloucester. Having been in the area and not known about them yesterday I was tempted to get up and go. I did check where the location was and realised that it was a place I had looked at before while out driving, as it is adjacent to the A417. In the end I decided not go as I had promised myself a quiet day today. I took the dog for a walk on the Ridgeway where the keen wind kept many of the birds out of sight.IMG_1423 (1024x655) I still managed twenty or so species including around fifty Fieldfare, a Corn Bunting, a small flock of Yellowhammers and a pair of Bullfinches. Driving back through Bishopstone a Red Kite and a Sparrowhawk were seen overhead. Back at home I was having my lunch and checked out Twitter again. The Pendulines were still showing and seemed to have been most of the morning. Typical. I started to think again about going but it raining hard. So I checked out the forecast for Gloucester and saw that it should be dry. That was enough for me and I decided to go. A quick change and after grabbing my birding gear I was on my way. A fast run on the mostly dual carriageway saw me onsite in under an hour. The birds were still around and it took around five minutes to get onto one of them with the bins. Deep in the rushes it kept appearing and disappearing from view as the wind moved the vegetation. Then it moved into the open but finding it in the scope proved a little harder. Everytime you looked away it seemed to move a bit. Finally it decided to pose for a while in the open and gave all present some great views. Some pictures were managed at some distance. More record shots. I am tempted to get a DSLR but not sure if I want more gear to lug around. After half-an-hour or so I decided to head for home well satisfied with the views. My one previous sighting of this species was at the Water Park. A bird that had been caught during a ringing session. I saw it in the hand and had watched as it was released. I had recently considered going for the birds at Titchfield Haven but no need for that journey now.


2 responses to “The Lure of the Penduline

  1. Richard Williams

    Wow Malcolm! What great days and thank you for writing them up. Tips like the Hawfinch location in FoD are really useful. Getting out and about is a definite silver lining at the moment for you I’m sure.

    • Making the most of it while I can. May be having Chemotherapy soon and hopefully getting back to work as well/

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