Greenfinches Rule

Another stop at Finch Corner today, this time on my way home from my first solo post-op shopping trip to Waitrose. A Kestrel and a Buzzard were hunting on the western end of the Castle but other than a couple of Rooks nothing else was seen at that end. There were already two cars parked on the track, both with photographers and they had put seed on the posts. It was a bit quieter today than on my last two visits with just a few Chaffinches and Greenfinches in view. Over the next twenty minutes or so a couple each of Tree Sparrow and Brambling flew in as did a few Yellowhammers. A Reed bunting put in a brief appearance before disappearing deep into the bushes. Initially four Blue Tits were the only birds to visit the seed.Then a flock of around twenty Greenfinches arrived and almost immediately they headed for the seed. There was a lot of coming and going and some were quite aggressive  chasing off other birds as they landed on the post. Occasionally a Chaffinch would quickly fly in and grab seed before being seen off and one Brambling managed to stay on the post for almost a minute. The arrival of a squally shower was my cue to head for home and nothing else was seen on the drive back.

2 responses to “Greenfinches Rule

  1. Hi Malcolm

    how do you reach finch corner

    thanks Paul

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