Thanks very much to those of you who have managed to stay with me throughout the year. I started 2015 with a mass of enthusiasm. A target of reaching 300 species for the UK was set and several fairly long days out set me on the way to this. For some unknown reason this enthusiasm waned as the year went on and from July through to October I did very little birding. This was followed by my being diagnosed with Bowel Cancer which further curtailed my trips out. Much of that is now behind me although I now have to give due consideration to the kind offer of Chemotherapy that the NHS has offered me. Despite all of that I still managed to see 141 species in Wiltshire and 192 in the UK. I added just five new species bringing the total up to 293. So roll on the challenges of 2016.


2 responses to “2015

  1. Richard Williams

    Hi Malcolm
    Thanks for keeping the blog going – I am sure there are many of us who continue to enjoy it: your style is very welcoming and unpretentious and encouraging for all of us who like to get out and sometimes aren’t sure where to go or what we have seen!. Much more important than list lengths I hope you make a full recovery in 2016.
    Kind Regards

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