Christmas in London

Christmas this year was at my Mums in London. As I’m not driving at the moment I went up by train. My first train journey in years which was most enjoyable. Avian interest was supplied by at least a dozen Red Kites. I arrived at lunchtime and later on in the afternoon paid the first of three visits to Osterley Park. Over the visits forty species were noted with the best being Kingfisher, Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nuthatch and Goldcrest. Despite time spent searching no Little Owls were seen this time. The same couldn’t be said for Parakeets with dozens of them around. Today we went for a family walk in Bushey Park. Three Green Woodpeckers were seen along with many more Parakeets. Unsurprisingly with the waether being so nice (sat outside eating lunch in a t shirt) only a couple of deer were seen, both being young Roe Stags.

Undoubtedly the best bird of all was the Turkey on Christmas Day.IMG_1130 (1024x620)


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