Fantastic NHS

Unfortunately most of what we hear about the NHS today seems to be negative. My recent experience has been totally the opposite. Less than three months ago I visited my doctor as I had been I was getting breathless during normal daily activity. Initial blood tests showed that I was anaemic, further tests including endoscopy and a CT Scan revealed that I had Bowel Cancer. Obviously a hell of a shock for me and my family. Just over a week after receiving this news and only two weeks after my scan I was admitted to the Great Western Hospital for an operation to remove the cancer. Four days later, after successful laparascopic (keyhole) surgery and an enhanced recovery programme I was discharged. In all this was just a total of seventy-four (74) days from my first appointment with the doctor to being discharged from hospital. The whole experience although challenging was made so much easier by the incredible professionalism and dedication of the staff that helped me along the way. From my doctor, the consultant, the appointments secretaries, the nurses, auxiliaries and support staff, everybody was amazing. Now I appreciate that not everybody will have been as lucky as I have with their experience of the health service but I just wanted to put on record my thanks to all of those who helped me along the way.


10 responses to “Fantastic NHS

  1. Jonathan Mercer

    Malcolm, so sorry to hear your news, best wishes for your recovery – good to hear of your prompt treatment and thanks for sharing the excellent treatment that you received, in contrast to the negative media spin that really demoralises hard-working staff.

    • Hi Jon,

      Thank you. If any of the staff I met were demoralised they were certainly hiding it well. I am full of admiration for the way they cope in these challenging times.

  2. Sorry to hear about that Malc but delighted at the outcome! I can only reinforce your positive experience as a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I was dealt with efficiently and sympathetically by all concerned and am now on a program of regular check-ups using flexibly endoscopy – and after 2 years am still clear. Fingers crossed that everything remains fine for you too. Very Best Wishes.

    • Cheers Steve,
      Pleased to hear that it has worked out well for you. Hopefully in two years I will be able to say the same. As with you I shall be on the same path of regular check-ups.

  3. Malcom, sorry to hear your problems, but so good that you are able to say something positive about our NHS. All to of often we only get to hear of the negative side of things, whilst I have never had any life threatening issues but what dealings I have had with the NHS have been superb.

  4. Malcolm

    Only just picked this up as I am currently in Spain. Best wishes for a quick and full recovery . I am sure Jon would agree when I say do what the doctors tell you, it pays off.


    • Hi Bob,

      Thank you. I am trying to be good but it is easy to push things a bit far as I did on my walk today.
      Have a great time in Spain.

  5. Richard Williams

    Hi Malcolm
    That was a shock to merely read and of course that reaction is just a tiny fraction of the shock and “unknowing” you must have been through. I hope and pray that the early finding and excellent treatment you received means that you are properly clear. Just take it steady now. Just like the mountains I turn away from when the weather closes in, the birds will be there for another day.

    Thanks for sharing the news with the community of friends on here.


    • Hello Richard,
      Thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated.
      I am just waiting for some test results to see if I will need any Chemotheraphy. Should find out the week before Christmas.
      Until then I shall be trying to stop myself from getting bored.

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