In the Sun and the Fog

A trip to Marlborough gave me the chance of a quick visit to the Kennet at Axford early this afternoon. A pleasant few minutes sat on the bridge got me a Grey Wagtail, a heard only Water Rail, a Jay and three Fieldfare along with Mallard, Coot and Moorhen on the water. A back road drive home turned up two Stonechat, a flock of at least a hundred and fifty Fieldfare, several coveys of, I would imagine recently relaeased Red-legged Partridges included one of twenty-seven. A couple of Red kites were also seen. Later on, as it was still pleasantly sunny I went to take the dog for a walk at Barbury Castle. Unfortunately for the dog most of the area was swathed in fog so I decided on a quick drive along the lower road and then back to Chiseldon for the walk. As I drove along the track a large bird flew out of a small tree and across the car. With the brief glimpse I had it could have been a Buzzard or an Owl. Luckily it landed on a fence-post a little way along the track and I was pleased to see that it was a Short-eared Owl. Using the car as hide I managed to get close enough to get some pictures.

2 responses to “In the Sun and the Fog

  1. I thought it was just me but I have just spent 3 days on Exmoor. The farmer told me which field the deer were in including a couple of stags. When I got up there I couldn’t see the field let alone the deer. Fog lights on wherever I went.

    • It has been a bit odd. We were on Liddington yesterday afternoon in bright sunshine, five minutes later the fog rolled over the hill, visibility down to a hundred yards and the temperature down by a good few degrees

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