More Good Wiltshire Birds

Whilst out driving today I paid my first visit to the new Gloucester Services on the M5 As some of you may know it isn’t the normal run of the mill, commercialised overpriced depressing Service Area. A pleasant restaurant overlooking a large pond that had Swallows feeding and Pied Wagtails bathing along with a superb Farm Shop make this a stop worth making. After work I headed out to the Water Park to see if the Red-necked Grebes were still on Lake 74. Arriving in the midst of a torrential shower I, along with a couple of other birders stayed put in the car. When the rain stopped we emerged and started to scan the lake. Unfortunately the area of viewable water has become quite restricted due to the growth of waterside vegetation. With no sign of the Grebes we turned our attention to the bushes which held good numbers of small birds. Blackcap, Common and Lesser Whitethroat the best noted. Then two Grebes were found and good views were had by all. These were my first in Wiltshire for several years and another good species on the Wilts year-list. Back at home an insect found on my runner beans was I guess some sort of Shield Bug.IMG_0700 (1024x494)


4 responses to “More Good Wiltshire Birds

  1. Hi Malc, yes this is a late instar nymph of the Green Shieldbug – a very common species.

  2. Hi Steve,
    Thanks. Never heard of a late Instar nymph before.

    • Yes, they go through various stages from egg to adult (as do butterfly/moth larvae and dragonflies [in aquatic phase]) shedding their skin as they grow too big for it. Each stage is called an instar and can look quite different from the previous or next stage and also from the final adult!

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