Another Evening in the Forest

Nine O’clock found me parking the car at Savernake for another attempt to find Nightjar. I had decided to try a different area which involved walking, no lazy birding from the car this time. Heading along the track Whitethroat was heard and Yellowhammer heard and seen. A Barn Owl flew across ahead of me. A good omen maybe? Reaching my chosen area I settled down to see what would appear. The first sighting was unexpected with Martin Adlam appearing around the corner, complete with dog, camera and binoculars. It was nice to have some company, the more eyes and ears the better. Next sighting was a Hare that sat in the middle of track watching us. Then two or three young Tawny Owls started to call. No Woodcock were seen or heard but there were plenty of moths around. We both had a brief glimpse of a bird in the distance and Martin who had the best view was sure that it was a Nightjar. As there was no further sighting we decided to change location. At just gone ten the first of several large bats appeared and a few minutes later after some calls from a nearby pair of Tawny Owls a Nightjar started to Churr. Over the next half an hour it was heard at least three times but it didn’t show again. It was now almost eleven so we decided to head back to the cars. On the way Martin found a single Glow Worm. The other highlight was an astronomical one, a close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the western sky.

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