An Afternoon on the Plain

This afternoon, despite the threat of heavy showers I decided to go to Salisbury Plain for a couple of hours. On arrival I parked at area with a commanding view over the edge of the Plain to eat my lunch. From here I saw three Stone Curlews, Red Kite and Buzzard. I then headed onto the tracks in the Everleigh area. There were plenty of Skylarks, Linnets, Yellowhammers and Corn Buntings around. A couple of Partridges wandered out on the track ahead of me, a quick stop and a look with the bins identified them as Greys and I managed a quick photo before they disappeared off into the grass. Further on a pair of Stonechats were on some fence-posts. I was slowly driving along hoping for Whinchat, it can be difficult on your own here as you need to watch the track well as there a lot of large dips that aren’t good for the car. No Whinchat but I heard a Quail calling. I stopped and got out to listen. Realising it wasn’t far from the track I started to stalk it. I got very close, probably within a few feet but it kept on moving through the long grass so I had no chance of seeing it. The bonus here were several species of butterfly and a few moths along with lots of wildflowers. A Cuckoo was calling in the distance and a Lapwing flew over. Giving up the Quail hunt I drove a few more tracks but didn’t see anything new before setting off for home.

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