Water Park and Savernake

This afternoon I had just left home to take the dog for a walk on the Downs when i got a text saying there was a Spoonbill on the scrape viewable from Twitchers Gate. So it was a quick change of plan and after seeing the Spoonbill the dog and I had a walk around the Lake at Kent End. Not much seen here, a  few ducks and grebes, a single Swallow, two Lapwings and some Skylarks. This evening I fancied getting out so headed off to Savernake. I arrived at just gone eight and drove to the Column. Several Song thrushes were singing as were Dunnocks, Robins and Blackbirds. A couple of deer could be heard barking. I then headed back to the Grand Avenue and found a nice place to sit and enjoy the evening. I could hear a Cuckoo in the distance and gradually it got nearer until it landed close by giving good views. At around a quarter to nine the first bats were seen and soon after Tawny Owls started to call. The Song thrushes and Robins were still singing and the Cuckoo was last heard at twenty past nine. Young Tawny Owls could be heard nearby and just as I was getting ready to leave an adult flew over.  No Woodcock seen or heard which was a disappointment. Driving back towards the A4 a Roe Deer crossed ahead of me. On the drive home I saw two Barn Owls flying and a Badger by the roadside.


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