An Unexpected Right Turn

Finishing work at a little before one and having been to Asda to fill the car up I was heading home. I got to junction 16 of the M4 where I turn left towards London, then it is off at the next junction and a mile to the house. Approaching the roundabout an absolute spur of the minute decision found me heading west for the Somerset Levels for another go at the Hudsonian Godwit. A crazy idea as I had two doors at home that needed painting. After a very good journey two tenty five saw me parked at the Ham Wall car park. There were plenty of birders around, some headed back and others hurrying out. The returnees informed us that the bird was still around. At the viewing area there were many more birders than on Sunday, well in excess of a hundred. Typically the Hudwit was asleep at the back of the flock of Blackwits. With a bit of moving along the line I managed to find a spot that gave a reasonable view. Then it was a case of waiting and hoping that the flock would take to the air. During the wait Dunlin, Ruff, Lapwing, Marsh Harrier and Hobby were all seen. After half-an-hour or so and following a preening session which gave a glimpse of the black underwing the birds took off. They made a few circuits before settling back down but it was enough to give good views of the star bird. Happy with the views I set off back to the car for the journey home to the paintbrushes.


2 responses to “An Unexpected Right Turn

  1. Richard Williams

    An inspired choice Malcolm – could well have taken you an hour to get home if you’d gone Eastbound yesterday!

    • wiltsbirder

      I was certainly lucky with the journeys. Lets hope it continues as I am going to London and back tomorrow and then down to Penzance on Sunday

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