With a couple of spare hours this afternoon I couldn’t resist popping over to Liddington Hill to have another look for Ring Ouzels. I did take the dog so it was an officially approved trip. Scanning from the metal gate I first saw a couple of Blackbirds and then a brief view of a female Ring Ouzel as it moved from one bush to another. I then headed off up track to the top of the ridge. There were good numbers of Butterflies around, Brimstones and Tortoiseshell mainly along with a couple of Whites. Skylarks were singing and Meadow Pipits seen in display flight. Swallows were passing over in small numbers. A few Linnets were flitting around at the top. Walking along the ridge it was more Pipits and a few Yellowhammers. No Wheatear here, I think the grass is getting a bit long for them. Dropping back down to the hedgerow there was no sign of any more Ouzels. I climbed back over the gate and walked along the field side of the hedgerow. I heard a couple of ouzels and it was then a case of trying to catch a glimpse as they moved along the other side of the bushes. Also seen were Chaffinch, Dunnock and Wren. A couple  of females flew up to the bushes higher up the hill disappearing into the depths. I returned to the gate and just stood for a while. One more flew up the hill along with a couple of Blackbirds and that was it. So how many were still there. I definitely saw two separate birds and I reckon that there were possibly another three or four but it was hard to be sure.


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