Good Views at Last

Although not out as early as planned I managed some pre brekky birding this morning. I started at Coate flood water where I saw six Snipe, a few Shoveler and a couple of Teal. No other waders and no wagtails in with the horses which was disappointing as I had hoped there might be some Yellows around. Three Bullfinches were feeding on the roadside on my way over to Liddington Hill where I was going to try again for some decent views of the Ring Ouzels. With everyone else seeing good numbers my brief views of ones and twos have been a bit frustrating. Walking along the field edge and the hedgerow to the west of the castle there were plenty of birds. Chaffinches, Yellowhammers, Corn Bunting and Dunnock were all seen. Asapproached the metal gate I could hear both Blackbirds and Ring Ouzels and soon got views of both. As before the Blackbirds were sitting out and the Ouzels were hiding themselves deep in the bushes. As I moved along the hedgerow they would fly out and along ahead of me. It was hard to be sure but I reckon there were between eight and twelve birds in all with an even mix of males and females.  Crossing to the hill side of the hedge I walked back along towards the road moving some way up the slope. From here I had some good views as the birds moved from bush to bush. One flew up high and headed of to the north. A couple perched briefly on the fence allowing me to get a couple of pictures. Then it was off home to cook Sunday breakfast before getting on with the final bits of painting.


2 responses to “Good Views at Last

  1. I went along Ridgway road on Sat night and stopped a couple of time trying to see the ring Ouzel but no luck so drove back to Southampton. Please can you tell me where to park and start walking.

    • From the A346 head along Ridgeway Road. Just as you reach the hill there is a small pull in on the right hand side. Park here and then walk back a few yards to the entrance to the field. Walk along the field side of the hedgerow to the west of the Castle. On reaching the metal gate the favoured area is along the hedgerow ahead of you or in the bushes on the track up to the top of the hill. They also feed on the field margin and the grass on the field that runs up to the ridge.

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