Obvious Once You Know

It doesn’t take much to remind me how lacking my bird i.d. skills are and the “mystery bird” that I saw in France has done it again. Plenty of excuse as there always are, I wasn’t feeling great having been poorly overnight, we weren’t really birding it was just a family day out, etc etc. Bottom line is that I don’t always research what might be around in a certain area, I don’t spend enough time with my nose in bird books, and I don’t think outside the box enough. So basically it was a small brownish bird, it was moving around and feeding amongst the seaweed in a harbour in France, I got a good look at it and took some okay pictures. Should be straightforward. For whatever reason I had decided that it was a Pipit, despite having noticed that the tail kept flicking up which pipits don’t do I didn’t really consider other species. So I took the easy way out and sent a couple of pics to Pete who along with his son Nick informed me that it was a female Bluethroat. As soon as I looked at the pics in the book I could see that it obviously was. As I said “Obvious Once You Know”.

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