Back to Wiltshire Birding

Leaving my sister’s house this morning we headed along the autoroute to Calais. Again not much was seen from the ferry, just gulls, Cormorants, a single Gannet and what was most probably a Porpoise. After a steady drive via London to drop my mum home we arrived back in Chiseldon. My neighbours informed me that in out absence a couple of Herons had plundered our pond. To be honest I was more annoyed at missing the garden tick than at the loss of our fish. This evening we took the dog for a walk at Knighton which is just outside of Ramsbury in the Kennet Valley. On the ninth of April last year I had a Grasshopper Warbler here. With the blocked migration this year I wasn’t realistically expecting to hear one this early and I was right. However we had a pleasant walk with plenty of birds heard and seen. This included  three Cetti’s and one Willow Warbler, several Chiffchaff, Goldcrest, Reed Bunting,  two Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Kestrel and Sparrowhawk. Not much seen on the water, just Mute Swan, Mallard and Coot. On the mammal front were five Hares and a Roe Deer. Our walk took us as far as Littlecote House where we spent a few minutes enjoying the cool calm evening next to the remains of a Roman Villa and its restored Mosaic floor. Afterwards it was into Marlborough to get fish and chips for our supper. A nice end to a good day.


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