French Finale

Our day out today was to Le Tréport, a port about 30 minutes drive from my sisters house. Definitely not a bird day. All that was seen were Herring Gulls, Mute Swans, and a mystery bird. After we arrived back at the house I suggested a short trip out for another look at the White Storks as neither my wife or mum had come with us on the previous visit. Arriving at the Canal we saw a couple of White Wagtails. A singing male Blackcap was the first of the trip. Arriving at the Stork viewing point, one was on the nest and the other stood on the dead tree as before. A Woodpecker called and my instant thought was Green but then realised it sounded wrong. As I thought this my sister called Black Woodpecker. Fortunately it stayed put allowing us all to have good but distant views. It called a couple more times and then gave us good flight views as it flew off and out of sight. Although we knew that they were in the general area this was a totally unexpected sighting and certainly made our day. My previous sightings of these birds was in the forests around Frankfurt in the company of my sister. walking back to the car we saw Chiffchaff, Shelduck and Cormorant and heard Cetti’s Warbler. Reaching the road we saw some Egrets in the field opposite and a closer look revealed them to be four Cattle Egrets. Final sighting was of a couple of Swallows heading for the coast.  All in all a great ending to our few days in France as tomorrow morning we are heading back home.


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