First Day in France

This morning we headed over to Picardie in Northern France to spend a few days  with my sister. birding from the ferry was curtailed by poor visibility so other than a few gulls I only managed a couple each of Gannet and Kittiwake and lots of Cormorants on the rocks in Calais harbour. On arrival at my sisters we saw a Red Squirrel in the garden. As we were unloading the car four Swallows passed overhead. A walk in a local park got us twenty-two species including Short-toed Treecreeper.  Also seen here was a Muskrat of which we had great views as it swam along a stream occasionally climbing out to feed on the bankside vegetation. Back at my sisters a walk around the village added Grey Wagtail, Heron, Yellowhammer and Buzzard and Lapwing over. This evening after an all you can eat Chinese Buffet an Owl drive turned up just three cats.


One response to “First Day in France

  1. Richard Williams

    Beaucoup d’oiseax en Picardie!

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