Back to Barbury

I took the Barbury Loop way home from work this afternoon. Arriving at just gone half-four I noticed that the owl fields have been worked on and that the stubble has gone. So maybe the birds will have moved on. However a change of habitat brings different birds. There were at least three hundred Starlings and twenty or so Lapwings on there, also several Pheasants and a lone LBB Gull. I stopped on the road to look at a few Corn Buntings that were in a Hawthorn bush., as I stopped two Partridges exploded out of the roadside vegetation. As they flew away I got the bins on them and was pleased to find that they were Greys. Along the southern flank of the castle were a couple of hundred Yellowhammers, a few more Corn Buntings and two Buzzards. It will soon be time to check the slopes for Wheatear and Ring Ouzel.


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