Rough-legged Surprise

Heading back to Swindon on the M4 this morning I had just been looking at the large amount of gulls in the fields around Callow Hill and the Landfill Site when, near to the Deer Farm I noticed a hovering raptor. It was quite large and I thought Buzzard. As I approached it dropped down, turning to the left to show its upperside. Immediately I noted the distinct white band on the upper side of the tail also the lighter patches on the upper wings. Although I haven’t seen one before I immediately thought Rough-legged Buzzard. Despite it being a fairly brief view I was happy with the features I had noted. Back at home I checked out the Collins Guide and then some videos and photos online. For me these have confirmed my initial identification. Other than that bit of excitement I stopped in at Wroughton on the way home. Nine Little Grebes, twenty-nine Gadwall and two female Bullfinches were seen. Later on, after a trip to Sumblers Butchers in Marlborough I drove home via Axford. Just the common stuff seen on the River and in the Meadows and a few Red Kites and Buzzards on the drive home through the country lanes.

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