Early Morning Naturewatch (and a three species owl day).

Another early start for work today and quite productive on the wildlife front. Two Roe Deer on Redposts Drive were the first sighting. Then on the Fosse Way  was a Little Owl, perched on a road sign at Fossebridge. Next, in quick succession, near to Farmington Quarry was what I think was a Weasel (rather than a Stoat) shot out of the verge in hot pursuit of a small mammal, then a Barn Owl which was perched in an ivy clad section of hedgerow and finally a Fox which was walking along the grass verge. Later on when it had got light  and as I had moved a little further east from where I was yesterday the lack of Buzzards was quite obvious with only two seen all day on a journey to Leicester and back. In contast there were quite a few Red Kites seen. After work I had a few things to do around Swindon, B&Q, Waitrose and my Bank in Old Town. These were all completed by four o’clock so yet again I found myself driving home via Barbury Castle. A Buzzard was post perching in its usual area, two Kestrels were working the ridge and after a bit of a wait two Short-eared Owls appeared. Four good-sized and several small groups of Starlings were heading off from feeding on the downs to their roost site. It is surprising how much noise their wings make as they pass overhead.


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