Chilton Foliat

Today I had an update on the woodland clearance by the Kennet at Chilton Foliat.  Apparently the cleared wood was mainly Poplar and has gone to make match sticks. It is being replaced by Willow which has been pre-sold to be used to make Cricket Bats. All good use of the timber but in my opinion it was more valuable as good habitat for wildlife. However the world cannot stand still and a new and different habitat has now been created.

2 responses to “Chilton Foliat

  1. Richard Williams

    Thanks for the update Malcolm. Through this winter even though it’s dark I have come home the back way most Friday evenings from Newbury and noticed that clearance had begun on the left hand side but also that some deer guards were on the right so presumably some re-planting is going on. I’m just looking forward to coming home in some daylight. I’m all for working woodlands, as long as it’s done properly, as it can bring wildlife benefits.

    • Just had some more info that the western side may become a water meadow. That would be nice. Don’t understand why something that would have such a big visual impact has been done with no information being given out.
      It is noticeable that the nights have now started to draw out.

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