A Little Bit of R&R

After a long morning at work followed by the weekly shop in Waitrose I felt that I deserved a bit of time out. So just for a change I headed for Barbury Castle. A post-perched Buzzard was silhouetted by the late afternoon sun.

Arriving at the western end I could see a Short-eared Owl up over the ridge. Another birder said that three had been seen. The parking area was full so I drove a little way along the road to park and then walked back to the entrance to the Castle. Just the one Owl still with a Kestrel up along the Ridgeway. A little while later a second Owl appeared but didn’t stay in sight for long. The single bird spent a few minutes hunting, dropping down onto the grass a few times with no apparent success. A few flocks of starlings passed over, heading off to roost. Also a few gulls were heading north. I headed off back to the car and saw that the Owl had perched on a fence-post directly across the road from my car. I waited until it flew off before walking on. It then perched on another post a hundred yards or so away. I could see it checking out the grass verge, presumably hoping for an easy meal. It then flew off and was lost from view.


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