Hunting For a Parakeet

The first trip of the year to London today. Arriving at my Mums house there was an unusual silence. Not a Parakeet to be heard. We walked to the tube station, again, no Parakeets. Heaven but I would like just one for my year list. We went up to Harrods and then walked into Hyde Park, along the Serpentine and out at High Street Kensington to go to the fantastic Wholefoods store. Loads of common stuff on the water, gulls, geese, ducks, Coots and Moorhens.20150117_154513_resized_1 (1024x762) After twenty minutes or so a Parakeet was heard and then seen. Now on the list for 2015 and not interested anymore. The shopping bill in Wholefoods only came to fifty-two pounds so not a bad result. Out of interest this is my 700th blog post.


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