Windy On the Hill

This afternoon I made my first visit of the year to Liddington Hill. Conditions were bracing to say the least with a stiff wind and some dampness in the air. The large corvid flock from last year was still around with the main group in amongst the sheep. A few LBB and Herring Gulls were with them. A couple of Blackbirds flew along the track ahead of me. Two Buzzards were soaring along the ridge and they were joined by two Ravens. After having a go at each other they all drifted off. I noticed a bird high up soaring in the wind. A look with the bins confired it as a Peregrine. I watched it as it hung in the wind and then it started to move, accelerating quickly it closed its wings and dropped into a stoop disappearing across the field beyond the hedgerow at high-speed. A great sighting. Other than that all I saw were three each of Yellowhammer and Skylark and singles of Dunnock and Mistle Thrush.




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