Guess Where I Went After Work?

Fairly obvious I suppose but as it was nice and sunny Barbury just had to be visited again. I arrived at around a quarter to four and was surprised to find only one couple there waiting. Single Fieldfare  and a few Blackbirds were seen along the road in. A Kestrel was scanning the grass from atop a small tree and then flew up and started hunting.

Two distant small birds perched on a fence wire turned out to be a pair of Stonechats. The female came much closer allowing a couple of reasonable pictures to be taken.

I thought the Owls would appear a little later as it was lighter and so it was. 16.07 to be precise when the first one flew in from the west. Almost immediately it was harried by a group of corvids causing it fly up quite high. Then a second bird flew in and I thought I caught a glimpse of a third but wasn’t sure. With three of us watching we confirmed that there were three birds and it was great watching them as they quartered the hill sometimes flying up over the castle or perching on fence-posts. IMG_7177 (1024x682) IMG_7179 (1024x682)

Heading off home I added three more Kestrels and a Buzzard to the list. As I felt my luck was running I diverted to see if the local Little Owls were out. A good choice as they were both sat out in their favourite tree. It was almost dark but I managed a couple of pics.


One response to “Guess Where I Went After Work?

  1. Nice SEO shots Malcolm. Where is your local Little Owl spot? Didnt see a single Little Owl in 2014 and I will be in the area later this week so would love an early 2015 tick. Cheers Pash

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