Back at Barbury

After a quick look in at Wroughton Reservoir, five Little Grebe, six Gadwall and twenty-one Tufted ducks it seemed  a good idea to pay another visit to Barbury Castle. I arrived at just gone half-three and sat in the car waiting to see if the SEO would put in an appearance. There were four Kestrels around and along with a Buzzard they were using the wind to hunt along the ridge with three hovering in a line at one stage. The Owl appeared at four o’clock, flying in from across the stubble field. It then started hunting on the western slope of the Castle. At one point it had a squabble with one of the Kestrels. It then flew across the road and settled on a fence post. After a few minutes it crossed back over and continued quartering the Castle slope. Apart from it being a bit dull an excellent visit.


2 responses to “Back at Barbury

  1. Malcolm, An interesting sighting. Normally you expect to see SEO as they come up from the roost and start moving. I presume this one came into the area from another location.

    • I think it did as it came in from behind me. Maybe roosting in the stubble field. Hopefully next time I will see it coming.

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